Masters of Wiresaging

We sincerely welcome you at the Kristiansand Bygg A/S building company, where the quality and customer satisfaction stay our main goals.


At Kristiansand Bygg A/S, we propose a diversification of products: not only a number of top-quality services, but we also understand what it means to do a wire saging. The wiresage technique as diverse can be used for a lot of different cuttings, from creating new openings for the ventilation systems to putting in place the smaller objects with detail. Learn more detail about betongsaging.


We will serve as a contractor who is well equipped with the know-how and the necessary tools to undertake the both small and large size wiresaging projects.


We are ready to cut a new passage in the cellar or save off the boulders underwater, and you will get the rid of any rubble or wrecking.


There are several kinds of wire saws of ours which are designed to be solution-oriented in terms of the problem with every single project and guarantee a great result each time.


One of the main reasons to using this ancient technology is that it works without vibrations getting some minimal level of noise as a result at all. In addition, we have developed electrical equipment that allows for indoor activities without affecting the environment, thereby, permitting multiple locations to be accommodated.


Cabled-wedge technology has long been acknowledged as the ancestor of wiresaging because it was steel wire with little metal balls and sand mixed in that was initially used to cut stone. Even though they keep to the basic principle, these wires are fashioned using modern equipment like diamond-embedded metal or rubber lines and plastic material.


Many fields for wiresaging exist, namely in demolition work and uncovering of objects as well as different structures. This also includes the cutting of steel underwater or steel structures, granite or concrete, among others. Kristiansand Bygg A/S in position as the number one service supplier of wiresaging by undoubting our firmness in the work of quality-driven and customer -focused-driven aims. Get more information about kjerneboring.

Make yourself a part of the high level of Kristiansand Bygg A/S. Do not miss the possibility to experience wiring altogether with specification provided by technology today.


Explore Kristiansand Bygg A/S’ expertise of the wiresaging, a case that intersects the best of precision and innovation exclusively today.

It needs a special machine for operating like cutting rock and steel. This method allows high precision and utility without time consumption.

demolition work

Regardless if you require a detailed demolition work, a very precise underwater cutting, or the manufacturing of size-able openings in any rugged terrain, be rest assured that our disciplined and competent team is 100% behind your success. Our quality that is characteristically assured every stage of construction with Kristiansand Bygg A/S is proof of this capability of ours to be trusted.

To this end, you can contact us immediately and let us reveal how we will turn your dreams into reality by customizing your wiresaging needs.